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To be the leader of the modular house in the world. This is the purpose of VANHE.

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We are the largest factory producing container 、steel structures in Guangdong, China. We also do sandwich panel houses, mobile toilets, and hand wash station etc.

Affected by the (COVID-19),many foreign buyers are unable to visit the factory in China. In order to meet the buyer's requirements, VANHE can let the buyers walk into the VANHE factory through a live broadcast.

Elects enjoyable, better purchase and best comforts!

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Energetic anchor, beautiful scenery, take you to explore the container house.

The container is divided into two floors.

The first floor is mainly used as a meeting room, kitchen and bathroom, and the second floor is used as a bedroom and balcony.

 A separate toilet is installed outside the whole house.

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Super September in Alibaba!

 Our live show time: Sep. 1st Beijing Time(15:00-17:00)(19:00-21:00) Big discounts and many gifts are ready!

Besides, if you come to our live show, online inquiry and dowload product catalog please screenshot to us, we'll sent Free Drawing to you!

 VANHE is waiting for your arrival.