Company History

VANHE created the brand VHCON,set up a professional r&d and transformation technical team in Huizhou city.


VANHE focus on overseas markets, and participate in the operation of foreign government bids and other projects for many times.


VANHE has successfully developed and upgraded Container House and Double-C Structure, and the release of these two new products made VANHE become a leader in the steel structure industry.


Dongguan Hongfang Steel Structure Co. LTD was registered.


VANHE Brand upgrade,take the strategy”Go Out”to get close with customers and market....


VANHE was named “National High-Tech Enterprises”.


Undertook the 1,500 men mining camp project in Philippines and was named “Science and Technology Enterprises of Dongguan City.


VANHE was named ”The Outstanding Brand Display Business in International Prefabricated Building Industry”, and ”The Guest Network of Alibaba”.


Undertook the hotel project of 2012 Africa Nations Cup in Gabon.


Dongguan VANHE Modular House Co., Ltd was registered.The production base was located at Pearl river delta industrial district, and acquired the world's leading light steel villa and container production line.


The first container house was finished and exported to Philippines in Dec, VANHE is making stride on the path to"The Expert Of Housing Solution".


In those 10 years, VANHE production emphasis has gone through the transformation from the production of door and window fittings to the protecting system of houses, then turns to the building structure ,and finally upgraded to integrated housing production.

2000 - 2010

VANHE produces steel structural parts.